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I'm Nate and this is Carson and we are running in honor of my dad, our family and in memory of a tremendous young man.

Hope, healing and prevention. This is at the heart of my motivation to be a Tomorrow Chaser. At the age of 56 my dad had his first heart attack. He was lucky, and by modifying his diet and exercise program for two years, he seemed to be on the right path to lead a long and fulfilling life.

A couple of years later as he felt better, he fell off the “health” wagon, and his heart failed again. Now not many people would think having an emergency appendectomy is a lucky thing; however, in my dad’s case, it was. Because while he was recovering from surgery, he was hit by “the widow maker” – a brutal heart attack caused by a near 100% blockage in his artery. As far as heart attacks go, this is the big one. Because my dad was in the hospital when it happened, the medical team was able to ultimately start his heart again after taking extraordinary means to do so. My father is lucky to have survived.

Through this trial, I learned several lessons – that I never want my family or children to go through the same fear of losing their father and husband; that there are ways to make better life style choices to avoid this immense risk; and that I want to be the best role model I can for my family and friends. As a Tomorrow Chaser, I plan to spread the word about the amazing work being done by the American Heart Association, and personally become healthier in the process.

In addition to my father's story I am running in honor of some dear friends of our family who lost their son at 10 years old to an enlarged heart. Csaba was a sweet young man with an amazing heart, he loved life, he loved his wonderful family and most of all was his deep love for Christ . He was adopted from Hungary several years before by Tom and Tami and is the first of three beautiful children. I am deeply honored to be running this race in his memory.
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